New Appointment, New Study In Annapolis

| March 5, 2011

A New Political Appointee

We have learned that Eugene Peterson has recently been hired by Annapolis Mayor Joshua Cohen to serve in the Mayor’s office.  According to City spokesman, Phill McGowan, Peterson “will focus on community and constituent service.”

Peterson is a member of the Board of Education and was a key member of the Zina Pierre campaign for Mayor. When Pierre stepped out of the race, Peterson threw his support behind Josh Cohen.

A New Consultant

The City of Annapolis has also retained the services of BBP, LLC  to study the Market House and make recommendations for the City to proceed with a Request For Proposals (RFP). The press release from the City, the study will take six weeks to complete at which time a formal RFP will be prepared. While the Mayor seems to feel the Market House can still be opened this year, several experts in the construction industry feel that 2012 might be a more reasonable time frame. In fact, the Gone To Market proposal/lease was looking at an August 2011 opening pending approval of the lease on February 14th. Based on this timetable, the study will be complete by April 15, 2011. Public Works has indicated it will take another 4 to 6 weeks to prepare a RFP and then you need to announce it, receive the proposals, review them, award one, execute a lease, and then commence construction.

Additionally, the press release indicates the cost of the study, $25,990, is to be shared by the City and by the Annapolis Economic Development Corporation. However, the AEDC is funded by the City. The City’s share is to be $17,490 and the AEDC share is to be $8,500.

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  1. Bob McWilliams says:

    Let’s see, $40,000 on Piper for a lease that wouldn’t have been much different, if we had just allowed Lehr Jackson to write it.

    Now, $25,990 (not $25,000 or $26,000, I guess $25,990 helps us feel they’ll be really accurate) to some outfit called BBP. But don’t worry, part of the cost will be shared by the AEDC?!?

    Then we hire Eugene Peterson for “constituent service”, right after our bond rating was downgraded, because the City has no money. It seems to me that proper “constituent service” given the City’s financial situation would be to NOT HIRE someone.

    You know, throughout the Moyer administration, I would constantly say to myself that City government couldn’t get any worse – then Moyer would come through and prove that it could. Now, Cohen has picked up the ball, and in the fine tradition of his mentor, he’s once again running in the wrong direction.

  2. Bob McWilliams says:

    Alderman Arnett had the best suggestion – sell the place with the appropriate covenants and restrictions on its use and extract the Annapolis taxpayer from City government’s complete inability to manage this building.