Baltimore County Student Speaks Up?

| October 4, 2009 | 0 Comments

Are AP Classes Really Working?saywhat

Last week, there was a news story about a 10th grade AP class which referred to the Kama Sutra.  WBAL-TV took to their viewers and asked the simple question:

Do you think a 10th grade AP classroom is an appropriate place to refer to the Kama Sutra?

While the responses expectantly ran the range from “sure why not” to “no way”; there was one that stood out and made us wonder if the AP curriculum is really working; at least in Baltimore County.

I was 10th grader who took A.P. WORLD HISTORY, and my school you need a teacher ( that is in the same department as the AP class you wont to take) recommendation to take the class. and a AP class is cheaper then a college class and you do not need to by the textbooks. So yes i think it is appropriate place for hos students who can take, BRANDON Parkville

Brandon, they may have given you a passing grade in 10th Grade AP World History, but they probably shoudl have sent yo back to third grade language arts.

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