Teen Murder Update

| May 31, 2009

Suspects and Victim Identified

Anne Arundel Police Department

UPDATE: 3:45pm. From schoolmates, the victim was a freshman at South River Senior High  and had recently transferred to the Edgewater school from Arundel High.

According to Sgt. James Fredericks, homicide detectives have now identified multiple suspects in this case, but charges have not yet been filed. An autopsy will be done today and the investigation continues. The motive is still unclear, yet detectives believe the victim was known by the suspects. The suspects targeted the victim and it was not a random incident.

The identity of the victim was also released. Christopher David Jones – age 14, of the 2400 block Old Mystic Court, Crofton, Maryland.


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  • gail quaschnick

    I think we all know if this was a white kid that murdered a black kid the national news would have been all over it people better wake up to what is going on in this country and fast!!

  • Gabrielle

    Chirs was a friend of mine so many don’t really understand what everyone os going through. He was a great kid that had touched many people’s hearts, including my own. I’m 14 years old and am only a couples months older than chris. His best friend is my net door neighbor and in his front yard he has put up a sign that says, ‘R.I.P Chris Jones-Great friend, great kid, may you stay with Go forever…I’ll meet you there one day.’ Some people think that it isn’t something very uncommon. But they are the people who don’t understand. If you had watched the news you would know that there was a special ceremony for him that sunday-monday he was murdered. I was there, crying and praying for a friend. My older brother was there also with Bret, his best friend, and my friends Brady and Heather. It was a very scary and sad moment for many people…and I don’t believe anyone in the Crofton are, including myself and my family, will ever forget Christopher David Jones and the wonderful moments he had with all of us. he will forever stay in my thoughts and heart and I will never side with the ruthless kids who did that to him. I love you Chris, always have, always will. Forever, R.I.P Chris Jones.

  • D. Williams

    First let me state that I am glad the police have apprehended two of the delinquents, and I hope the others involved are appehended as well. I hope they all will be charged as adults in criminal court because unless you have a severe mental handicap at 16, you know severely beating someone up (resulting in death in this case) is wrong!!
    The problem with society today is that we have a group of individuals who think they are “special”. They think that our laws don’t apply to them. It is evident in the way they act by disrespecting our policemen and by their total disregard for our court system. I even see this by the way they drive. Ignoring road signs and just doing whatever they want, when it comes to a traffic sign with a big red circle and a slash thru it. We can do this cause we are “special”.
    It is also ironic that they think a “good kid” is a kid who has a small criminal record (maybe even served some time), because when they finally kill that is what the mother has the nerve to say on the news after the fact.
    Those “special” people we are condemned to live with have their owned laws, it is just not the laws that I recognize and grew up with.

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  • Dempsey

    Christopher’s younger cousin made a comic in memory of her cousin whom she loved dearly…http://pixton.com/comic/1damaxk3