2009 USNA Graduation Photos

| May 22, 2009

President Barack Obama Addresses Class of 2009

On May 22,¬† 2009, the USNA held it’s graduation at Navy-Marine Corps Stadium. 267 Midshipman became 2nd Lieutenants¬† in the United States Marine Corps and 756 Midshipman became Ensigns in the United States Navy. 1 Midshipman is entering the Air Force and 1 the Coast Guard. There were also 9 Foreign Nationals.


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  • SevernaPark Guy

    As a former Naval Officer myself…congrats to the class of 2009!

  • Kate Catlin

    I heard that the retired Naval Officer weren’t allowed to carry their swords because President Obama was in attendance. Sounds strange to me. Anyone have an answer?


  • Noreen

    Thanks for writing. This is true. The swords were not allowed in the stadium during the USNA graduation. The Secret Service frowns on any weapons being present, besides their own of course, when the President is in attendance. All Naval officers, and those in any military branch, would completely understand this policy.

  • Kate Catlin

    Thank you for the info. It makes sense.